Why Do You Hate Work?

S.M. was complaining the other day of people who don’t want to work. I can see why people are complaining about millennials. They want higher pay for little productivity and even less experience. 

Not all millennials, mind you. 

Just a lot of them. 

Each time he talks about millennials, I am reminded of that scene in Office Space. The main character hates his job and wants a job doing nothing. I tried doing nothing on a Sunday. This was more tiring than doing something.  Is our area the only area where people don’t want to work? 

If you hate your job, here are ways you can hit the ‘refresh’ button: 

  • Challenge yourself to compete with other employees and do more than what you are asked. 
  • Even if your job is filing, and the files are the size of a mountain, make it a game. See how much you can file in an hour and beat your time the next week. 
  • Serve others. For Christians, we need to understand we work for God, not man. Our standards must be higher. Keep your nose clean and work hard by serving your boss as you would serve your fellow church member. 
  • Be ethical. 
  • Don’t cheat on your timesheet. 
  • Don’t be entitled. 

Even the most boring job can be fun and fulfilling if you only change your perspective.