Shacking Up is Not Commitment 

I am really curious. 

Why are you living with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Why are you trying them on like a shoe to see if you both are a fit? There are no guarantees in life. 

The laws have taken away the benefits of marriage and made shacking up almost equal. We’ve re-made relationships so anything goes. 

Bottom line? 

Marriage is honoring to each other and to God. If you claim you are a Christian, can I encourage you to think about putting your relationship with God first? Forget articles that try to talk for or against shacking up. Forget your own rationalizations. Forget what is popular. Forget the dreams of white dresses, dripping candles, and bridesmaids. 

What does God say about shacking up and marriage? What was it like in the Old and New Testament when two people were “married?” How does it apply now? Where do you get your theology, and deep down, I know you realize marriage was created for a reason. 

You know this. 

First, get your relationship right with God and let Him transform you from the inside out. If your relationships are based on God, you will have a real commitment, better than the stuff we make up in romance novels. 

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