How to Glorify God


One article and a response to an interview question doesn’t really give a complete answer. For instance, when I read about the Olympic athlete who talked about the pain of her abortion, the poorly worded article gave a response that is very different from other news sources.

My interpretation of the article caused me to believe the person’s wrong choice was perceived by her as glorifying to God. Other articles constructed a very different point of view.

And here I thought I would write an albeit gentle diatribe about bible illiteracy!

Instead, I am glad I didn’t write off the cuff. It’s a good lesson in any life situation not to come to erroneous conclusions and instead seek out the bigger story.

The bigger story is this:

Read the Bible before you make big life decisions like abortion, transgender operations, shacking up with someone, joining a church, or doing those drugs.

What kind of glory is God really looking for from our actions? He created life. He created us. We brought sin into the world and creation.

The Bible records the historical actions of followers like a heart beat on an echo cardiogram–up and down, sometimes erratic paths that aren’t the straight line God would like to see from us, but at the end of each story is a heart for God, lessons learned from bad decisions, and records of standing up against popular culture (FYI, not everyone ended well or began well).

You aren’t glorifying God by having an abortion, doing those drugs, or any kind of sin, or even worse, not understanding His character and choosing to go with a religion which isn’t biblical.

Repentance is the first step of a healed life and a right relationship with the Lord. Where are you in your journey? Start with the Bible. 

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