Ugly Words Erupt


Ugly words erupted from him via the comment section. Doing good isn’t always met with kindness or love. An unbeliever filled with fear verbally attacked the two of us online. He had legitimate fear, but no belief in God. In fact, he was angry at God at the moment and an angry person in general.  According to him, God took his father’s life. Fear is this man’s default now. So is anger and justification. When uncertainty hit his life, he wanted (and rightly so) to protect his family. With no belief or faith, it is easy to justify bad behavior. He believed his rights trumped another person’s rights.

Maybe you can relate? 

As I read the news, I know I have no guarantee that S.M. will come home every night. Or that our house will remain unscathed. Or our families won’t be harmed. Our freedoms in this world sit on the edge of a cliff. The wrong decision. The wrong words. This can suddenly tip our life into chaos. When I read about another country’s poor education system, I know we can one day be in their shoes. All our possessions might some day be taken away. All those things we value–prestige, community, material perks–might only be available to the elite among us. Abortion has opened the gate to late term abortion if there is a physical or mental defect detected to a one-parent working household becoming a two-parent working household with someone else raising our kids with different values. Parents don’t stay married. Marriage is redefined and that gate has opened to a plural marriage push.

The world gives us every justification for fear. Fear makes people angry and nasty. If you believe, you have assurance of a Home someday away from this mess. For now, we move in prayer from one day to the next, living in faith, appreciating the joys of life, and as a believer are instructed to love; to think of others better than ourselves.

This means taking the heat to protect someone else. You lose one relationship for a few better ones, because when people know you love them, they begin to trust you. I lifted this angry man up in prayer as I could not minister to him anymore, but the outrage opened up a relationship with two others.

So, I guess the experience wasn’t a total loss after all.

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