Celebrate Other People’s Successes

Sitting in the dark, I read a review that attacked an author more over their success than with the content of the book. Suspicion over how that success came about bordered on slander. How can we do well with what God has given us if we are too focused on jealousy? 

I have just a few of you that follow my occasional posts. Admittingly, I haven’t put forth enough effort for this blog to enjoy success. This is okay. My friend said to me the other day, “I hearken back to the day when blogging was in its youth. We were more interested in building a community than in making a buck.” In other words, blogging was other-centered and theraputic. 

My friend shared stories where bloggers globally gathered in sorrow when one of them passed away from illness. Can you imagine making such an impact that people miss you when you aren’t present? 

I guess my point in tonight’s blog is to share with you that my heart is for you. I pray for you. I think about you. I wonder how your relationship with God is going? Are you really following Him? And if you are, what do you base that relationship on? By what authority? 

Read the Bible