Chicken Noodle Casserole

You know you’ll eat well when you attend a Mormon family party. They make everything from scratch. S.M. privately thanks God for the fact that I came from a Mormon family that likes to eat. He likes to eat, too. So I made Chicken Noodle Casserole from the Food Network Sunday night.

Some changes were made like leaving out mushrooms. I also added a bread crumb and butter topping for crunch. It’s hard not to love to cook. I feel a bit like Julia Childs when I get to cook with wine. You remember…a little for the recipe and a lot for the cook?

Also, Mormons are great housewives. They know how to sew and make crafts.

I’m neither.

My mother-in-law would tell S.M., “Don’t worry. When you get a wife, she’ll remember everything and the house will be even cleaner.”

Oh, how I laughed at that one!

Between the two of us, S.M. and I struggle to keep house. I don’t sew. I have no desire to quilt. I am a lousy housewife. We both work full time. It’s not easy. Even without kids. Sometimes, S.M. takes in extra work to make ends meet, but otherwise, we work at balancing things.

I cook and bake so every year the doctor can smile at me and say, “Good job.” Meaning, my husband’s vitals are good because we eat healthy. Although, she says, I could lose a little weight.

My friend runs. She’s a health food fanatic, except for the lattes and the occasional chocolate. Life is so unfair that my friend can burn calories like a SUV burns gas, but I look at an extra serving of something and gain two pounds! All I can say is…learn to cook.

If you learn to cook and bake, you won’t starve. Quilting or sewing can’t feed hungry mouths, except to save a sock or two from the rag pile.