Hi friends,

Don’t believe just my story on whether Mormonism is Christian or not. I encourage you to compare the Mormon’s core beliefs to what the Bible says in context. Examine their Book of Mormon against the Bible. When you read sites to back what you believe, you are subjected to their biases. A much more informed point of view is comparing their own words to what you read in the Bible. Then, widen your search to include other sites such as these:

Christian Ministries Internationalforrealfriends

A site dedicated to refuting false religions. Learn More

Bible Archeology

Learn about the Bible and Archeology. Learn More

Answers in Genesis

A site dedicated to Creationism. Learn More.

The Bible

A site that has the whole Bible in many translations. Learn More.

The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon on this site. Since the Book of Mormon’s inception in 1830, it’s been changed 3,913 times. Learn More.

The Truth Project

A great place to get an indepth view of truth. Learn More.

I haven’t checked all the way into this, but it’s interesting. You should make your own decision. Learn More.





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