Relationships Matter

StockSnap_Y96OVTOTP2.jpgShe sat across from me, looking down at her fingers, her hair hanging around her face. The full volume of her story poured out in tears and words that cut through my “strictly business” demeanor. I wanted to cry, too.

We worked together. We talked often. Now I am at a new job and we connect only online.  But it’s not the same. Sometimes, it’s nice to sit across from someone and see their facial expressions, hear their voice, and share in their stories, especially when you have so much in common.

I know it must be hard for you to think about church. You picture this austere exterior, heavy pews, hard wood floors, and the pastor way, way over there preaching things. Why do you need church anyway?

You don’t and you do.

God wants us to fellowship with believers. It’s not a requirement for Salvation. He knows our hearts and that we do better with each other than apart from one another.

If you come to my church, you will probably walk past me not even knowing who I am, but I see you. You will see a sea of faces and you’ll feel on the outside at first.

Be patient. 

Friendships take time and the people in those pews or chairs feel just as much intimidation as you do at making new friendships. Meanwhile, work on your relationship with God.

Open that Bible.

Ask someone questions.

Ask me questions:

You are not alone in your doubt and questions. 

Recent Requests

While praying over the continuance of my Life Group, I saw a few people ask to join the Google+ group. Most of which weren’t seekers or people genuinely wishing to connect and learn about Jesus, but spammers or people who wish to debate.

As far as I am concerned, debate is not a reason for joining a group. Someone once described social media as a “noisy marketplace.” I don’t know about you, but I agree. Debates never won over anyone.

If you want to know Jesus…my Jesus…the one in the Bible who doesn’t have a mother god, father god, or brother Lucifer, email me ( or join my prayer group. 

No Life Group Until 2018

My new job change has necessitated this change. We are in a busy season of our lives. I want to continue blogging and talking to you, but I need to work through this busy season so I can invest in Life Church’s Life Group program next year.

Plus, they’ve changed how they do Life Groups. Because I am not on Facebook, I can’t join their Facebook Group. I do encourage you to join though.

Meanwhile, I am still here.

You can still email me:

Changes are coming to this website this week. Next year, I should have a better idea how to do an online group where we can be face-to-face without blowing my identity. 

Humans are Terrible


That’s the conclusion I came to this week. The week has challenged me as a Christian. It’s a, “Jesus come quickly,” kind of week. People carry their baggage around their necks like medals. Their needs are more important than another person’s and everything is demanded right now.

What’s far more difficult is seeing an atheist get a version of Christianity that is the exception not the rule. I watched this “Christian” show a lack of self-control while she posted stickers that talked about God on her car bumper while showing a complete disregard for the truth.

Yet, it is also a reminder that we are in need of a Savior.

If you work with non-believers, it’s important to remember to act ethically, make good decisions, and acknowledge when you are wrong and make it right. We are not works-based and the reflection of Christ will be a poor one, but for some non-believers, our choices are the only reflection of Jesus they will see.

Non-believers won’t differentiate between false cults and religions, cultural Christians, bad theology, or what it means to be Christian. People don’t often come to Christ squeaky clean, but soiled and in need of a Savior. Their journey begins at that moment. Born again is perfectly described in John 3. We are babies. We thrive on soft theology until we get to solid foods and grow closer to our Lord.

S.M. likes to say, “I don’t like humans.” This week I am in hearty agreement. Conclusion: We are all in need of a Savior every day. 

What confuses you about Christians?



You are Not Lost

I took the wrong path on my walk yesterday. The wet winter caused the trail to become overgrown after the snow melted. Others had lost their way, too, carving out a new trail down towards the creek and across it. When the snows melted, the trail appeared to split. I chose to take the split not realizing it would dead end a mile into the trail. 

Footprints in the dirt show people turning around. It reminded me how it is easy to take the wrong path. Everyone else took it so it must be right! Go with the crowd. Walk where others have walked. But what if everyone in your friend circle are going the wrong way? 

You can email me if you feel a little lost: 

Surrender Not Self-Reliance

Sitting in traffic with my eyes squinting against the glare of the chrome bumper in front of me, I am reminded once again of my lack of control of circmstances around me. My window is rolled down and I feel the heat rise from the asphalt. The seconds are ticking by and my anxiety is rising. 

I waited til the last minute to leave again. Ten minutes from my destination and I am stuck five cars from a light that won’t change. 

It reminds me of a conversation I had with Sam. 

“Take the Lord out of it,” He said and plunged into the topic we were discussing. His words, “Take the Lord out of it,” reminded me of his focus on being the king and decision maker of his life; of relying on himself. It was hard to believe he said that after just starting to attend church for the past two months. 

Surrender didn’t happen with me until a few years into my walk with Christ. I keep saying this to myself, because he is still making decisions on his strength alone. Surrender is truly falling to our knees and letting go your desire to control everything around you. 

It’s walking with God’s guidance. It’s accepting His invitation to come into His presence. It’s the calm that stills the sea. It prepares you for moments when you are stuck in a situation where you have no control. 

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Forgive Yourself #LDS #Christian


Sure, you did something wrong.

You even hate yourself for it.

You relive it over and over and over and over again.

Somehow, it doesn’t make you feel any better.

You’ve apologized.

You’ve sent gifts.

You’ve sent guilt gifts and spent “guilt” time with them.

Nothing absolves you.

Yin Yang and Karma would have us believe doing more good will offset the bad.

You keep doing more good things.

But even your doing has an agenda, so it is really good?

Easter is coming. Won’t you try talking to a Pastor? 

Find absolution, not in doing good things, giving gifts, or running from the pain of guilt, but in Jesus.  This year, instead of going to church on Easter (your once a year gig) because of guilt, why not talk to a pastor? Call them. Schedule an appointment with them. Tell them about your guilt. Tell them why you don’t have a relationship with Jesus.

Ask your questions. 

Ask me questions. Ask me for help in finding a church or let me help connect you with a pastor?


Talk to me.